Next Steps

Not sure what your next step might be?

Whether you’ve only visited The Church Next Door once or you’ve been coming for a while – our Next Steps class is THE place to get connected!

When you attend, you will get pizza, meet the pastors, and have the opportunity to learn about our foundations along with what we believe and how we live by our faith.  This is an amazing way to learn about all of the ways you can get involved, our ministries, and how WE know about YOUR needs.

Sign up for our upcoming Next Steps by clicking here or the button below. We’ll see you there!

I’m Ready for The Next Step

More steps you can take right now

Would you like to connect with us further? How about growing closer to God? Here are a few ways you can get connected, right now:

  • Join a Small Group. Since the time of Jesus, believers have grown in their faith by meeting in a small group with other believers for Bible reading and prayer. You can find a list of our small groups here
  • Download our app for daily bible readings, lessons, and sermon notes. The app is available for iOS and Android devices.
  • Visit There you can find a list of all volunteer opportunities we have at The Church Next Door. Find one that catches your interest and sign up!
  • Create an account in The Church Next Door’s Neighborhood. We use The Neighborhood to stay connected with each other. Create your account by clicking here. If you have any questions about how to do this, these videos will help. 
  • Follow us on social mediaFacebook and Instagram. We also have a YouTube channel here with videos of previous worship services.

If you have any other questions, try our automated text number at 888-644-4034. Text “prayer”, “baptism”, or just about anything else, and we will find what you need.