We Know, When You Visit A New Church It Can Feel Intimidating…

…but we believe it doesn’t have to be.

Warm, Friendly and Family Oriented… these are the most common words used to describe a visit to The Church Next Door.

We want you to be totally comfortable when you visit The Church Next Door for the first time. Whether you’re a longtime follower of Jesus, a new believer, or just someone with questions, we want you to know that you’re welcome here.

What to Expect


At the beginning, a live band will sing a few songs. The words to the songs will be projected on a screen and we hope you’ll sing along, but it’s not a requirement. We use this music as a way of expressing our love for God and the truth of who He is.


There will be a time of transition after the music and then the Pastor will give a teaching from the Bible. This will be a message relevant to everyday life that will hopefully encourage, challenge, and inspire you.


Once the teaching is over, we’ll dismiss the service, but don’t feel like you have to leave right away. Stay and have a coffee or lemonade and get to know some of the other people here if you’d like.

At The Church Next Door, we want people, wherever they’re at in their faith, to experience God more fully in their lives. We’re known not only for relevant, clear, Bible-based messages but for being a welcoming community. We love central Ohio and hope we can do some good here. Our mission is simply this: to move people closer to God.
We want you to have all the tools you need to better understand the Bible every time you come to church. Of course, bring your Bible if you want (in book or app form), but before every service, we’ll always provide you with a bulletin that contains all the Scripture references and teaching notes you’ll need.

So, now that we’ve described what it’s like at church, we want to show you.


Church music, or Praise and Worship, is an expression of faith that goes back to the beginning of time. Ancient believers composed personal songs to express their love for God and to thank Him for what he had done. At The Church Next Door, we use music in the same way. The songs we sing are in a Contemporary Christian music style and are about the goodness of God and our response to him in both the good times and hard times in our lives.

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We’re at 5755 Feder Rd, Columbus OH 43228

Saturday 5pm | Sunday 9:20am | Sunday 11am

Our Kids Next Door children’s ministry has three age-appropriate learning environments. Click here to learn more!

Nursery (0 – 2 yrs)
Preschool (3 – 5 yrs)
Elementary (1st – 6th grade)

Kids FAQ’s

Our “Sunday School” is called Kids Next Door and it’s available for Nursery through 6th Grade. A volunteer or staff member will show you where to go. For security, you and your child will both receive a tag. This will ensure that you will be the only one allowed to pick them up and will also give us a way to contact you during service if there is ever a need.

Yes. This is not only for their safety and your peace of mind, but so that the process can be quick for you while you’re trying to get to service on time. The first time you come, you’ll fill out a registration form, but once that’s done, checking in your kids will be much quicker. If you like planning ahead, you can even register online. Just tell the volunteer at the kid’s check-in that you’ve done so. Please note, we need 24 hours to process new registrations so make sure you fill this out the day before your first visit.


Of course, you can! Your children will always be welcome in service. Our Kids Next Door children’s ministry is not simply “child care,” it’s a dynamic and interactive way for your kids to learn about the Bible and experience God. Let them try it out for a service. Chances are, they’ll really enjoy it.

Other FAQ’s

Come as you are. Whether you like to dress down or dress up for church, we want you to feel welcome at The Church Next Door.

Hopefully, based on all the info above, you’ll know exactly what to do when you come to The Church Next Door for the first time, but you’re not required to talk to anyone, just ask questions if you have any. There are plenty of people available.

No. You won’t be identified, called-out, or recognized. We will welcome first-time visitors in a very general way during service, but you don’t have to stand or come forward.

No. God’s Word is available to you free of charge and you’ll never be pressured to give in the “collection.” Of course, the offering is how we support the church building, staff, programs, and outreach, so if you do decide to give, we would consider that a blessing.

Should you ever have any questions, we are happy to help you!