Prayer & Praise

Would you like prayer? Do you have praise that you would like to share? Click below to fill out our online Prayer and Praise form. Another way is to text “Prayer” to 888-644-8034 and a staff member will reach out to you.
We love to join you in praying for your needs. And we will rejoice with you in praising the good things God is doing in your life!
At The Church Next Door we believe in praying first and asking questions later. We also believe that God hears our prayers and answers them. If you can’t physically make it to the church we still want to pray and be thankful in agreement with you so provide this opportunity online for everyone.
When we join in prayer together great things can happen. Prayers are answered. Lives are changed. The world can be changed.  Let us join with you in agreement for whatever is in your heart.
Prayer & Praise Form

Other Ways to Explore The Church Next Door Online

We have many other ways you can connect with The Church Next Door online. We provide digital small groups for fellowship, a complete digital ministry, and activities through the children’s ministry. Check out the amazing ways we can connect with you even through the internet.
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Small Groups
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Digital Ministry
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Children’s Ministry