This week in our daily Bible reading we launched into the book of Leviticus. Leviticus has gotten a bad rap over the years as being a notoriously difficult book for Christians to read, seemingly full of arcane laws about animal sacrifices and ritual purity. But don’t despair! With a little help, you can make sense out of Leviticus. In order to heal the damage from Israel’s rebellion against His instructions, God established a way for people’s sins to be covered through a system of sacrifices in the laws of the covenant. These laws described in the Book of Leviticus serve a three-fold purpose: forgive acts of sin and spare people’s lives, show the world that Israel was God’s holy ambassador to the earth, and define standards of right and wrong that will fortify immense value to Christ’s sacrifice for humanity. Since God’s nature is absolutely good, no evil can ever be present near him – including humans tainted with the sin of Adam’s fall. Unfortunately, some individuals learn this the hard way as the Israelites adjust themselves to correctly performing these laws. Still, God blesses them in His continual mercy as Abraham’s descendants of The Blessing. Watch the video from The Bible Project to help you understand the book of Leviticus better!