We want to get moving again. Our officials have indicated that they want us to move slowly. We realize some people are excited to get going and others are not. We ask you to prayerfully consider what this will look like for you.
The Church Next Door ~ Moving Forward Plan
All plans are subject to change
Phase 1 Prayer – Beginning May 1
Beginning May 1 – Season of Prayer for Reengaging in Community
  • Prayer trail and parking lot less than 10 people socially spaced 6 feet
  • Scheduled sanctuary groups,  socially spaced, reserved seating through the Neighborhood
  • Fasting til 5 PM on May 5th, 6th & 7th (The 7th is the National Day of Prayer)
Phase 2 Small Groups – Beginning May 12
Target date of May 12 to begin meeting for those who are interested
  • Scheduled through our “Neighborhood” database, socially spaced and follow our guidelines (We will begin talking to leaders to create schedules.)
Phase 3 Worship services TBD
  • We have limited details and still don’t have a target date.
  • We will continue online services once services resume
  • We are prayerfully considering the options.
We know that many want to meet and need to see one another. Others are not ready to get out. We are asking God to help guide us and give us wisdom. We want to encourage you, prayer and fresh air are good. Come and pray.
I love you all!
Pastor Doyle