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Leviticus – Grace in the Law

We have just finished the book of Leviticus. I imagine most of us are happy it is over. I doubt anyone really loves reading this particular book of the Bible. I understand that sentiment. To be fair, Leviticus is legitimately the most “Law” of all the Law books. While Exodus, Numbers, and Deuteronomy all

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Romans – The Righteous By Faith

If you are following the New Testament track, you are entering the book of Romans. Romans is the first of the epistles. That is, it is the first of the epistles in the biblical order (or canon). It is likely not the first epistle to be written; that is probably James. But it was

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Paul’s Thanksgivings

It is Thanksgiving week, my all-time favorite week of the year, and our daily reading plan is speeding us through Paul’s shorter epistles.  While we had three days with Galatians, we only got two each with Ephesians, Philippians, and 1 Thessalonians and just one with Colossians. Despite this rapid pace, I still caught a

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Galatians – Who Has Bewitched You?

Our daily reading plan is giving us three days in Galatians, and that makes me rather happy. I have a strong personal connection to and fondness for this book. Galatians was the first book I studied in Bible college and thus the book I have known the longest. It was the first book I

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1 Corinthians – When Church and Culture Collide

1 Corinthians is where we are in our daily reading plan, and I’m not super-thrilled about that. As I’ve repeatedly stated, I respect all the books of the Bible, regarding each of them as 100% inspired by God and thus “good” in the sense of being valuable and necessary. But as I have also

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Romans – Labyrinths and Pools

Romans is still very much on my mind, and not just because we are just now finishing it in our daily reading plan. It is still very much on my mind because of its reputation of being difficult to understand. The entire Bible has a reputation of being difficult to understand, but no book

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