Have you ever thought about why we take up an offering every week? Maybe you have a general idea that it’s because the church needs money to keep functioning. But that is only part of the story.

There are really 3 reasons why we carve out a few minutes to talk about finances, and why we create an opportunity for us to give back to God.

1. Throughout the Bible, people honored God with their possessions

The first book of the Bible is Genesis. In it, we see many instances where people gave offerings to God. They took something of value to them and gave it back to Him.

So that’s the first reason we give—to credit God as the provider of all that we have. Our tendency is to believe that since we work hard to get paid, we’ve earned it. While we should certainly work hard and earn our living, everything still belongs to God. As it says in James, “Every good gift comes from above.”

2. Giving changes our hearts

Our mission here at The Church Next Door is to move people closer to God. For most of us our grip on the stuff keeps us from God. When we let go of stuff, we make space for God. We trust Him more. We draw closer to Him.

3. Giving fuels the church

Inside the first church in the book of Acts, we read about believers who brought what they had to the church. The church, in turn, used
it to do ministry. Your financial support enables us to minister to kids and teenagers, to support small groups that help foster discipleship, to serve the under-resourced in our community, to reach out to those who do not yet know Jesus, and much, much more!

Our vision is to meet people right were they are the Jesus way. We believe the local church is God’s number one tool to share Jesus. Thank you for sharing financially the ministry of Jesus!