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Daniel – Incredible Faith

Our reading plan is transporting us from Exodus to Daniel this week. The book of Daniel is distinctive in several ways. It’s structure is as basic as any structure can be. Daniel has just two, almost equal parts. The first part, chapters 1-6, are stories of obedience and miraculous salvations, including the stories of

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Exodus – Harshness and Hope

If you are following the Old Testament track of this year’s daily reading plan, you have just left Genesis and entered Exodus. You have made it more than halfway through Exodus at this point, in fact. Exodus is just about as iconic as Genesis, but it is iconic in a different way. Both books

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Luke – The Path of Peace

 If you are following the New Testament track of this year’s reading plan, you are halfway through the Gospel of Luke. Luke is “the Gentile’s Gospel”, the Gospel aimed at a Gentile audience. Luke is also the “carefully investigated” Gospel (Luke 1:3). Luke was not an eyewitness to Jesus, but he collected information from

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