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Quiet Quitting and the Work of God

The staff learned a new term today. One of us heard this term on the radio during their drive in and then shared it with the rest of us. That term is “quiet quitting”. Effectively But Not Actually Quitting As you may know, there has been a lot of quitting since the early months

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Ezekiel – Then You Will Know That I Am The Lord

If you are following the Old Testament track of our daily reading plan, then you are moving out of Judges and Ruth this week and moving into Ezekiel. While I understand and love Judges and Ruth, I struggle with Ezekiel. I’m not saying I do not like or dislike this book; I don’t not

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Jeremiah – The Covenant Prophet

Our Old Testament reading track is taking us into Jeremiah and leaving us there for the rest of the month. In my opinion, Jeremiah is in a class all its own. Though categorized with Isaiah, Ezekiel, and Daniel as one of the “Major Prophets”, Jeremiah is noticeably different in content and purpose from those

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The Revelation – An Anthology About Everything

The New Testament track of our daily Bible reading plan is taking us into Revelation or, even better, The Revelation.  We will end June with this book. We will spend most of July with it as well. In my experience, no book of the Bible gets as strong a reaction as The Revelation. Many

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Isaiah – The Prophet and the Kings

Isaiah is definitely not my strongest book of the Bible. I know much of what it says, that is, it’s chapters and verses, but I don’t know its construction or structure, that is, the “big picture” that adds valuable context to the chapters and verses. The only thing I knew about Isaiah prior to

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